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The Reserve Residences has been invited by The URA to submit their concept proposals and tender prices for the project

Jun 22

The Reserve Residences are located at Jalan Anak Bukit. The ideal location within The Beauty World, as the property provides future residents access to the largest transportation hub . This includes an recently constructed Beauty World Bus Interchange, as well as The Beauty World MRT Station (Downtown Line).

The venture will consist of various restaurants, as well as shops, offices, and other establishments in the commercial-use zone, which is about 20,000 square meters. A plaza of around 800 square meters is planned to be built for events that are special in nature . The plaza is intended to serve as a venue for gatherings of the community.

Reserve Residences Far East in Bukit Timah is reached by Beauty World MRT Station. Section Residential houses around 845 luxurious homes that have stunning views across Bukit Timah Natural Reserve.

There's also an additional 22,000 square. feet of land that could be used to build the "intergenerational center" which caters to teens, seniors and children.

Just an hour away of an MRT station on the Downtown Line offers residents an immense benefit of being able connect to different regions in Singapore.

Reserve Residences residents are able to participate in the Circle Line through to the Botanic Gardens Interchange which is four stations away from the major routes. This line has been described as a possible replacement from Thomson East Coast line. Thomson East Coast line which operates until 2022. Stevens Interchange (the period 2022) is only five stations from each other.

Line's North-South is linked to the line by the Newton Interchange, which is just the sixth station. There is the possibility of connecting it to the North-East Line through the Little India Interchange Seven stations further from the line. The possibility exists of connecting to the East-West line using The Bugis Interchange, situated at nine stations further.

Alongside trains, residents of The Reserve Residences mixed community can also travel via the bus. There are numerous bus stops within The Reserve Residences mixed-development that offer a variety of options to travel via bus.

If you're interested in finding out more about the region. There are numerous locations to explore: Beauty World Plaza, Beauty World Center, Bukit Timah Shopping Center, as well as Bukit Timah Plaza. There is a chance to shop, eat out and have a great experience. There are a variety of food options within just a few steps.

The most famous and well-known shopping mall is located close to The Reserve Residences situated at Bukit Timah Plaza. It is situated within Bukit Timah Plaza. Bukit Timah Plaza is the central point for all child care facilities, which are well-known.

There are a variety of facilities that provide opportunities to improve your knowledge. A few of the famous names such as ArtZone, Fame Music School and many more, are situated within Bukit Timah Plaza.

If you're in search of ideas for cooking or eating, it is vital to research Cheong Chin Nam Road. There are numerous restaurants that are well-known like Boon Tong Kee's chicken Rice as well as it's Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant, Three Meals A Day, Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Porridge and several others.

Discover Jln Jurong Kechil for a quick bite and a bite to eat at Udders Ice Cream FlagWhite which is located in Cake Avenue. Bukit Timah's Timah Market and Food Center is situated just 2- mins away . The store also stocks local and fresh food items.