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Some Self-Defense Keychains Can Land You In Legal Hot Water

Sep 20

Although keychains are becoming more and more popular, the Fresno County Sheriff's Department warns that possessing one might result in prison time.

Esmi Careaga visited the Fresno County Courthouse in the city of Fresno, where officers often seize these self-defense keychains from visitors.

Deputy Ethan Bare, who works at the Fresno County Courthouse, has seen a significant number of objects attempt to get through the entrance.

He has seized a treasure trove of pocket knives, kitchen knives, and other cutting implements throughout the years.

He's seen an increase in self defense keychains recently trying to get past the metal detectors at the courtroom.

They first have the appearance of being innocent cat or dog keychains.

However, it turns out that they are really used as a lethal kind of self-defense.

According to deputies, they are often referred to as Plastic Knuckle Dusters and are synonymous with brass knuckles, which are forbidden in the state of California.

People claim to have them because they are cool and they enjoy cats, but according to Deputy Bare, they are not permitted to own them and risk going to prison.

You must be sure to verify the regulations in your local state before purchasing since just because you purchase anything online doesn't imply it's legal in the state you are in.