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The Authentic Schlage ND40S ATH - Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock - Athens Style

Apr 28

Door locks enhance the security of a home. However, some rooms should be used alone, as seclusion is essential. As a result, privacy lever locks such as the Schlage ND40S ATH - Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock - Athens Style are recommended for your bathroom or bedroom. However, with so many manufacturers available today, most homeowners and business owners are unsure which privacy lever locks are ideal for them. 

These Schlage ND70PD ATH Heavy Duty Classroom Lever Lock - Athens Style are ideal for keeping out unwanted guests. We recognize that you require privacy from time to time at National Lock Supply Inc. That is why we offer the best heavy-duty privacy lever locks. That being stated, below are some advantages of a high-duty privacy lever lock.

Undemanding to Open

Even though privacy locks are heavy-duty, they’re simple to open. Attempting to open a bathroom lock in public and failing might be embarrassing. To enter the room, you merely need to turn a knob. When you’re inside, though, it locks tightly, offering you privacy. 

Once the door lever is locked, no additional locks are required. If you require a heavy-duty privacy lever lock that is easy to open, choose the Schlage ND40S RHO Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock - Rhodes Style from National Lock Supply Inc. It also does not require a key function yet provides the necessary privacy.

Increased Privacy

It can be inconvenient when strangers knock on your restroom or private room door. As a result, installing a strong, robust privacy lever lock keeps you safe. These locks are mostly used to provide privacy when sleeping, changing clothing, or using the restroom. As a result, you can use a room without being disturbed by someone knocking on the door. 

However, you do not need to panic if you have an emergency while inside. This is since a heavy-duty privacy lever lock such as the Schlage L9040 06A Mortise Bath/bedroom privacy lock, w/ 06 Lever and A Rose allows someone from outside to enter the room using safety equipment such as a screwdriver. 

Better Grasp

A Schlage L9040 06N Mortise Bath/Bedroom Privacy Lock, W/ 06 Lever And N Escutcheon offers a superior grip. As a result, they are suitable for public restrooms, toilets, and locker rooms. This allows a kid or an elderly person to utilize the room and have privacy without requiring assistance from another person. Furthermore, the grip keeps the hand from slipping when opening the door. 

As a result, if you have a disabled family member or employee, they will have easy access to a room. 

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