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Common Reasons to Call a Locksmith

Aug 6

When you need a locksmith, it usually isn't because of an emergency. You may want to install new locks, change the code combination on your alarm system or fix an electronic lock that isn't working properly.

Many community colleges and vocational schools offer certificate programs in locksmithing. These typically require an apprenticeship and the passing of an apprentice exam from the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Losing or Breaking Keys

One of the most common reasons people call a locksmith is to get back into their home after being locked out. Locksmiths are skilled at getting into homes, cars and businesses without damaging the locks or doors.

If you lose or break your keys, it’s always a good idea to rekey your locks rather than replace them completely. This allows you to keep your old keys, but ensures that only new keys can unlock the door. This also reduces the chances of someone having a spare key.

Many locksmiths specialize in security systems and can install, repair or maintain them. These experts are able to analyze the current level of security and recommend improvements. This is particularly true for business owners who want to upgrade their security after a break-in or to prevent future incidents. They can suggest and implement a wide range of security solutions, such as video surveillance, alarms, access control systems and more.


Lockouts are a form of workplace industrial action used by employers in an attempt to coerce employees into accepting lower employment terms. They are often illegal, and can damage employer-employee relations for years to come.

During a lockout, an authorized individual oversees the lockout process, ensuring that all locks are removed when the job is complete. This ensures that no one can accidentally restart equipment while the lockout is in place. It also helps prevent injuries that could have been caused by starting up machinery while it is undergoing maintenance.

To properly execute a lockout, an authorized employee must first identify all the switches, valves and other devices that release energy, then find ways to isolate those devices from each other. Then, all locked out energy sources must be tagged with an identification label that includes the name of the employee who applied it, the date and time of tagging, and a clear description of why the lockout is in effect.

Newly Built Homes

If you’re moving into a new home, a locksmith can help make it more secure. They can install or rekey locks, as well as upgrade to more advanced security systems. If you’re concerned about safety, they can also advise on enhancing your existing security measures with things like reinforced doors or window guards.

While some people prefer to buy a pre-owned house, there are many advantages to buying a newly built one. For example, a new house will meet all the latest safety and building codes. This can mean lower insurance premiums, too.

When you hire a locksmith, ask to see their license before they begin working. They should also provide a receipt for the work they complete, including part and labor costs. This way, if something goes wrong, you’ll have proof of the service they provided. Beware of companies that use fake licenses or certifications to lure customers. These companies may employ unlicensed workers or engage in other scams. To know More

Single-Key Access

If you have several doors and keys that don’t fit, your locksmith can rekey the locks so that they all operate with one key. This is also a good time to consider upgrading your home security to smart lock technology.

Master key systems are a popular choice for commercial buildings and other large facilities that need to manage access to multiple areas. A master key opens every lock in the facility, while individual departments have a single key that will operate only certain locks. This allows management and other personnel to get around the building easily while keeping other employees from accessing sensitive areas.

The key that fits your new lock should have a combination of long and short pins that line up on the shear line when inserted into the lock. If it doesn’t, then the lock cylinder needs to be replaced by an expert locksmith. This process is relatively quick and easy, but the right locksmith will be able to handle it correctly so that your locks continue to work well.